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Magic Burning Toolbox

The ideal solution for disc creating, burning, and ripping as well as ISO mastering

Magic Burning Toolbox is an all-sided music/video burning tool for disc creation and backup. It provides music CD burning to create stylish audio CD from your music pieces; you can save the music CD tracks onto your computer; movie DVD as well as video CD can be easily burned; data disc is good for a second copy of your stuff; also there are some tools for ISO image making and burning.

Music CD

Movie DVD


1. Create/Copy music CD
2. Create DVD-Video
3. Create data disc
Create or Copy Music CD Create DVD-Video Create Data Disc
Burn your own stylish audio CD
or rip audio CD tracks for
convenient backup & playback
Create movie DVD from the
video files you collected within
some clicks, including HD ones
Backup important data of
all formats like personal info,
documents, family photos, etc.
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  • Create or Copy Music CD

    Magic Burning Toolbox provides an Audio CD Burner to process audio streams on-the-fly. This means it can burn audio files to CDs without de-compressing them to listen in a compatible audio system such as a car stereo or stand-alone CD player. Also, the Audio CD Ripper helps you directly rip audio tracks from audio CD for convenient backup & playback.

    Create or Copy Music CD

  • Burn Your Favorite Movie onto Playable DVD

    Directly burn all of your movie collection to DVDs from AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP4, etc. and HD videos such as M2TS, TP, TRP, etc. with high video quality to watch them on home DVD Player, car DVD Player or any other portable DVD Player.

    Get Your Favorite Movie DVD

  • Backup Your Important Data

    Magic Burning Toolbox provides a Data CD Burner to help you burn data in several sessions to discs to backup your important information, files or folders, images or texts, no matter what they are. It also allows you to update previously burned discs by adding and removing files and folders.

    Backup Your Important Data
  • Create & Burn ISO Images

    You are allowed to create ISO images from any file format you have through the ISO creator; also, backup your CD/DVD into ISO as an exact copy is available through the ISO ripper, saving you some bucks when you try to copy some PC games, software applications & operating systems; to burn the ISO you create from files or CD/DVD discs, use the ISO burner.

    ISO Creation & Burning
  • Experience More Features

    Use the Disc Eraser if you want to wipe off any content previously burnt onto a CD/DVD disc. Also it can display the drive info including some necessary details you should know about your drive. You can also create a bootable disc for your system with a bootable image.

    Experience More Features