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Audio Recorder for Free

FREE TOP-QUALITY sound recording software to record any sound you hear

Audio Recorder for Free is an audio recording application that has the ability to capture any sound like audios played by media player, internet radio broadcasting, cassette and so on. The recordings are saved as MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG format which is right for your music player that you can enjoy them whenever you like. The freeware also supports schedule recording and you'll never miss your favorite web radio program.

Any Source



1. Record all sounds you hear
2. Real-time or schedule
3. Promote the recordings
Record All Sounds You Hear Real-time or Schedule Promote the Recordings
Capture sounds from mic, online
streaming, internet telephone, LP,
cassette and many other sources
Both real-time recording &
pre-programmed schedule are supported
to record online radio broadcasting
Edit the sound & apply effects
with digital audio editor to create
masterpiece from your recordings
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  • One Button to Record

    Just play audio stream you want to record and click the "Record" button! Audio Recorder for Free will help you record sounds from your favorite music video, Internet broadcasts, or programs like Real Player, CDs, microphones, vinyl records, and other input lines on a sound card. Audio Recorder for Free uses a virtual sound card to record any audio played through your computer's sound card, preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

    One Button to Record
  • Recording Quality Management

    Pre-defined recording qualities (like Hi-Fi Quality, CD Quality, FM Quality, etc.) make it easy for you to set and manage the encoding parameters. Even more, you can specify settings for more professional use with detailed configuration parameters. Enjoy the recordings in 1:1 quality with this free audio recorder!

    Recording Quality Management
  • Automatically Control Recording

    Just like your favorite TV shows, you can't always be around to record radio. Audio Recorder for Free's recording scheduler takes care of this for you. Simply set the clock to automatically start or stop a recording at a certain time like Once, Daily and Weekly. Come back to find your favorite radio ready to listen, commercial free!

    Automatically Control Recording
  • Sound Enhancement

    The recording would be automatically added to the file list, which contains the details of each recording like filename, location, date, duration & size. You can directly input the listed recording to Free Audio Editor to create your masterpiece through editing, applying audio effects, reducing noises & and other perfection methods.

    Promote Your Recordings